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  2. Here are some specifications of interest to .338 Win. Mag. reloaders: bullet diameter .338, primer size Large Rifle Magnum, maximum COL 3.34, maximum case length 2.50, MAP 54,000 cup. The sixth edition of the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading shows..
  3. 338 Win Mag found in: Winchester Super-X Power Point Rifle Ammunition .338 Win Mag 200 gr PSP 2960 fps - 20/box, RCBS Full Length Die Set - Group D - Bottleneck Rifle Cartridge .30-338 Win Mag, Lyman Brass Smith Bushing for Case.
  4. MidwayUSA carries a full line of 338 Winchester Magnum from all the major brands. Hornady Precision Hunter Ammunition 338 Winchester Magnum 230 Grain..
  5. Shooting the .338 Winchester Magnum 225gr Hornady Superformance SST. | Chuke's Outdoor adventures
  6. Comparing them to a 338 WIN MAG, all shooting 300 Seirras, is like comparing a corvette to a chevette when pounding big critters at 1000+ yrds. I think the 338 balistics are superior but I dont know how much so in the Win Mag case????? PLEASE ADD YOU 2..
  7. Find .338 Winchester Magnum bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses

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.338 Win Mag. This blog is dedicated to everyone except haters. I am growing bored with standard assault rifle ammunition. Did you know? The .338 Win Mag has the same case length as the delightful .30-06, except, with a larger 8.6mm bullet instead of the 7.62 Mag. and .338 Lapua Mag., two cartridges with illustrious pedigrees in both competitive shooting and military sniping, and I was able to procure one of On average, the .300 Win. Mag. edged out the .338 Lapua, managing a 15-group average of 0.77″ compared to the 0.80″ average produced by the larger.. 338 Winchester Magnum Rifle Cartridge. Abbreviated Name: 338 Win Mag. TECHNICAL INFORMATIO My BAR 338 Win Mag with BOSS break kicks less than my .243 - My petite nieces say it kicks less than my 50 BMGs or my 243 ( the BMGs seem to kick the least to all the boys ) The big BAR is exceptionally accurate for an auto 338 Win Mag is a very effective long range cartridge, if used with proper bullets 338 Win Mag Bar 250 gr Nos Part Gold Moly 69 gr H4350 3.34 2600 fps. The way I am able to shoot my 338 and not feel any recoil discomfort, is I cut off the stock recoil pad and screwed on the largest Limbsaver grind to fit pad, and did not grind it

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Unlike the.338 Lapua, the.338 Win Mag is capable of being chambered in some of the most popular bolt action and semi auto hunting rifles out there. With a powerful round like the .338 Win Mag recoil can be a major issue. When looking for a scope, you should consider durability as a prime concern The 300 win mag was brought out to replicate the 300 H&H; same performance in a shorter action. Basically a 30-06 magnum. The 338 is a 33 cal The .300 Win mag does shoot flatter, but you can also shoot lighter bullets in the .338, that shoot just about as flat. For an elk only rifle, I would probably..

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The .338 Lapua Magnum (8.6×70mm or 8.58×70mm) is a rimless, bottlenecked, centerfire rifle cartridge. It was developed during the 1980s as a high-powered.. The 338 Win Mag fires a heavier bullet a little slower than the 300 Win Mag. I like the 338 win mag because the 250 grain round shoots flat and I attribute the Lapua bullet design for it. I use the same 253 grain bullet in my Lapua 338 which is well known as a great sniper round 338 Win Mag Federal Fusion 225gr ammo. Brass case, Boxer primed, 225gr bullet. 338 Win Mag Federal Premium 225gr Trophy Copper ammo. 20rd box, new. Mfg #P338TC1 s/m

Does anyone know the ballistics of a .338 win mag in a 20 barrel vs the standard length? I don't actually care about the muzzle blast louder is better LOL(I'm gonna add a muzzle break later on) I just want to know if a .338 win mag in a 20 barrel is still a .338 win mag kind of like if a .308 in a 16.. 338 Win Mag ammo as low as $0.78 per round. Top brands available. Cheap bulk ammunition for sale. Save money on in-stock ammo. In Stock 338 Win Mag Ammo. You can now filter out Backordered Ammo Federal Nosler Partition .338 Win Mag, 250 Gr, 20 Rds. The Nosler® Partition® was the first bullet loaded in the Federal Premium® line, and it continues to be a standard for consistency and reliability. Its partitioned lead core allows the front half of the bullet to mushroom on impact, but keeps.. 338 Win Mag Federal Fusion 225gr ammo. Brass case, Boxer primed, 225gr bullet. 338 Win Mag Federal Premium 225gr Trophy Copper ammo. 20rd box, new. Mfg #P338TC1 s/m What I want to know is how the round's accuracy compares to .338 lm at distances up to 1,000 yards. I know that .338 will reach out to about 2,000 yards under good conditions if the shooter is capable but I do I'm looking to buy a bolt action rifle and was considering getting a Remington 700 .300 win mag

338 win by far.more down range energy.for longer shots 400 yards plus. Good shooting 225gr Nosler Accubond and Reloader 19 is my choice for reloads. The closest contender the 300 Win mag.adds a extra 100 yards to the 30-06 My 338 Win Mag wears a Swarovski Z6 2.5-14 x 44 w/ a custom ballistic turret. While it is a little heavier than other scopes in the category, I love the scope. my 338 win mags (2 of them) wore 1.75-6 and 2-7 leupolds. I'm not a fan of high magnification on a larger rifle (over .308). you are not shooting.. 338 win mag. Check out this article it sums my feeling up pretty well The .338 would be the better of the 3 for large bears and moose, but both the .300 win mag and .30-06 will take all as well, with the .300 win mag being superior to.. I've done a search and can't find a real comparison of the 338 win mag and the 375 H&H in a sporter weight rifle. I'm thinking something with a 24-26 barrel and weight unscoped and unloaded around 8#'s. Set aside the heavy barreled, 9# African versions for this comparison (unless you're convinced..

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Legacy Howa Lightning .338 Win Mag 24 Blue Finish Black Synthetic Stock Action Bolt Action 3+1 rd - $449.69. It comes with a dropbox magazine for convenient loading and unloading. SPECIFICATIONS Caliber: .338 WIN MAG Capacity: 4 Barrel Type: Fluted Federal 338 Win Mag Vital-Shok P338B2 250 gr Nosler Partition 20 rounds - Free Shipping with Buyer's Club! $2.05/rd. Hornady 338 Win Mag Ammunition 82339 Outfitter 225 Grain GMX Ballistic Tip 20 Rounds - Free Shipping with Buyer's Club

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Although, even the least powerful here (.338 Win. Mag) hits the expansion limit at almost 600 yards! They provide more performance than most hunters will ever need. If, however, true long-range hunting is anticipated, they will all benefit from the specialized.. 5,6мм(.22LR) | 5,6х39 | 5,45х39 | .223Rem | .22 PPC | .243 Winchester | 6,5x55 | 7,62x39 | 7,62x51M (.308Win) | 7,62x51 | 7,62x54R | 7mmRemMag | .300WinMag | .300WSM | 8x68S | .338 WinMag | .35Rem | 9,3x62 | .408 Cheyenne. Tactical Winchester 338 win mag Full box power point New box shells Paid 57.99 asking $40. WARNING. Your current version of Internet Explorer is out of date These ones are from a brass .338 Winchester super-mag rifle round. This is what you might call a small elephant gun. Show your enthusiasm for shooting sports (or just the plain old Second Amendment) by adding these cufflinks to your outfit I'm wondering how the 338 win mag will shoot from a 20 barrel. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this? And I'm not interested with the 338-06 or any other 338 round

.338 Win The Hunter Stainless .338 Win Mag features a cold hammer forged barrel, Sako 85 conical dovetail rail, stainless steel metal parts, two way safety with bolt release lever, and a Monte Carlo style matte oil walnut stock with palm swell

7MM REM MAG Lee .338 win magnum 3 die set. Out of stock! Add to Wish List. Lee .338 win magnum 3 die set. Brand: Lee Precision. Product Code: 90546

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  1. Caliber: .338 Win Mag Metal Condition: Excellent Wood Condition: Excellent Bore Condition: Bright & Shiny Barrels: 24 Inch Triggers: Blue Steel Stock: Straight Wood Pistol Grip Thumbhole Stock Dimensions: 14 1/2 Inch Fore End: Straight Wood Butt Pad: Black Rubber Weight: 8 Lbs Sights..
  2. For 300, 338 and 264 Win Mag Calibers. Manufacturer: SAVAGE. For 22 Mag. Manufacturer: SAVAGE. Model: 4M
  3. Unfollow 338 win mag to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. 338 WIN MAG Ammo Can Decals Ammunition Ammo Can Labels 3x1.15 Vinyl 4-pack. C $4.36. or Best Offer

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Redding .401 win series D 3 die set. Redding .351 win series D 3 die set They produce AR-style rifles chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum called ALR-300 and ALR-338 respectively. Both guns are short stroke gas piston operated and have AR-style bolt carrier group .270 Weatherby Mag. доп ствол 338LM. затвор. коллим. прицел Specifications. Caliber: .338 Win Mag. Weight: 7.9 lbs. No. Caliber or Gauge: .338 Win Mag. Handedness. Right Hand Suosituimmat ensin Aakkosjärjestys Halvin ensin Uusimmat ensin. .338 Win Mag. Sako .338 Win Mag. 16,2g / 250grs. Hammerhead 10 kpl 53.00 €

Mag. Review. Ammoland Inc. Posted on October 28, 2016August 24, 2017 by Tom Claycomb. The rifle I would use was a Mossberg Patriot Synthetic Rifle chambered, in a .338 Win 270 Win Short Mag. 7mm Rem Mag The .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, or .338 Lapua Mag or .338 LM for short, is the ultimate centerfire rifle cartridge, purpose-built specifically for extremely long ranges. While the .338 LM round has a strong military reputation, it has been used increasingly by both long.. Browning Magazine Browning X-Bolt Long Action Magnum (338 Win Mag, 300 Win Mag, 7mm Rem Mag) 3-Round Polymer Black

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  1. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL AXMCMULTI CALIBRE RIFLE SYSTEM The latest in a long and distinguished line of combat proven sniper rifles, the multi calibre AXMC is supplied configured as a .338 Lap Mag which can be repurposed to .300 Win Mag..
  2. Photo 500 SW, 45-70 Govt, 375 H&H, 338 Win Mag, 300 Win Mag, 30-06, 308 Win, 223 Rem can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. The image is available for download in high resolution..
  3. Browse for more Winchester 338 Win Mag rifles. Want to see your products here? Click this link. Compare prices for 048702004650 - Winchester Repeating Arms XPR 338 535700236 from all vendors

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  1. 63 €. Norma Luodit Oryx .338win mag 14,9g 50kpl laadukas ja luotettava sekä luotettu kiväärin puolivaippaluoti jonka suuri jäämäpaino ja hyvä osumaenergia takaavat toivotun lopputuloksen kaikissa tilanteissa
  2. 79 €. Federal trophy copper 338 win mag 14,9g -erittäin hyvä hirvipatruuna -lyijytön kupariluoti -paino 14,9g -rasiassa 20 kpl patruunoita. Kaikki myymämme patruunat ovat luvanvaraisia. Ostaessasi patruunoita tulee sinun lähettää meille kopio/kuva ampuma-aseen hallussapitoluvasta..
  3. New .338 Lapua Magnum RPR Tested by Gun Talk Media. When the 6.5 and .308 RPRs came out everyone loved them, but they automatically asked We blew the gun up physically larger to have this in .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua. The Lapua is fun, I'll tell you. Mark Gurney, Ruger Director of..
  4. We have the Savage Arms 116 Bear Hunter Rifle with a .338 Win Mag 23 inch barrel, 3rd magazine, and a stock finished in MOI Camo. Free shipping on firearms! Order online or call today
  5. Superformance is a cutting edge technological advancement in ammunition design that transcends convention. Superformance ammunition is 100 to 200 fps FASTER than any conventional ammunition on the market today
  6. Sako Hammerhead on erityisesti hirvelle ja muulle suurriistalle suunniteltu lyijykärkinen luoti. Riistaosumassa luoti muotoutuu sienimäiseksi ja säilyttää suuren osan massastaan. Tämä saa ikaan riittävän ja puhtaan haavakanavan sekä hyvän läpäisyn, jonka
  7. Hornady Brass Cases for 338 Win Mag- 8680. More details. Send to a friend. HORNADY CASES 338 Win Mag x 50

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Here are the ballistics for a .338 win mag round. Weight: 225gr Muzzle vel: 2800fps Ballistic Coefficient: .430 Target distance: 1000yards Target zero:1000 yards Wind: 5mph Vel at target: 1192 Energy at target: 710 ft.lb. Heres you some graphs BU Buffalo-barnes premium lead-free 338 win. MAG. SUPERCHARGED 225 gr. Mag. loads. The Barnes 225gr. TSX has no polymer tip to accelerate expansion on impact and therefore opens more slowly than the tipped versions of the TSX bullet Centerfire Bolt Action A Cat 338 LAPUA cal The Accuracy International AXMC is a long-range precision system that can be configured as per the needs of..

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139.99 USD. SKU: S5A60389. Brand: Sako. Caliber: 300 Winchester Magnum, 338 Winchester Magnum, 375 H&H Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum. Capacity: 4-Round. Material: Steel Fact crmp die 338 lapua parts. Factory crimp 17 hornet parts (2). Gage/holder 300 win MAG parts (1) This is a discussion on 338 Win. Mag Reloading within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I just picked up a Ruger M77 (tang safety) in 338 Win If you're looking to buy just one rifle and be done with it I say the 338 is the ticket. its accurate, its powerful, and its big enough for anything on the North american continet. I see or hear people always ask: is my 270 big enough, or is my 30 06 enough , or do you think I can kill a moose with my 243 Snap Caps 338 Win Mag. Doplňky > Doplňky ke zbraním > Cvičné, vybíjecí náboje

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Hornady, ZDA. Kaliber. .338 Winchester Magnum. Poštnina .338 Lapua Mag. RWS .300 Win Mag. Short Rifle - hunting ammunition for short barrels: More and more hunters have come to appreciate the advantages of a short and handy barrel 89 €. 338 Win Mag Sako Hammerhead 16,2g (211F). Kaliiperi: 338 Win Mag Luodin paino ja tyyppi: 16,2g / 250grs, Hammerhead Lähtönopeus: 745 m/s Käyttötarkoitus: Peurojen, hirvien ja karhujen metsästykseen

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- Hunting. back. Cal. 270 WIN. - Hunting. back. 338 Lapua Mag. Bullet Type. Hollow point boat tail (HPBT) - Match grade accuracy Winchester 338 Win Mag . Mfr# X3383. 225 grain Soft Point. New, boxes show some light shelf wear. Bright and clean factory load ammo. Note: We can not ship ammo to CA, MA, HI, AK, NYC, W.D.C. Also check your local laws. Product Videos. Custom Field. LicenseType NLR. Product Reviews

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  1. gton Ammo. The .300 Winchester Magnum (also known as .300 Win Mag bullet or 300WM) (7.62mm x 67mm) is a popular, belted, bottlenecked magnum rifle cartridge that was introduced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1963 as a member of the family of..
  2. ate
  3. Thinking seriously about porting my .338 Win Mag. I've heard and read the pros and cons but think I'll do it anyway. What's the favored configuration port

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DEGuns. Other. Rcbs f L die set .338 win MAG. Hornady. SKU Product Details. F L die set .338 win MAG Redding 338 Win Mag Full Length Sizer 2-Die Set. Redding Series D 2-Die Reloading Set includes full length sizer/decapper die and Seater/Crimper Die. The full length die sets for bottleneck cases contain two dies. The full length (FL) resizing die contains a decapping rod assembly with a neck expander.. 27.18 USD. Lyman 338 Lapua, 338 Winchester Magnum Carbide Expander. The Lyman Deluxe Carbide expander and decapping rod assembly features a super hard and slick carbide expander button with an adjustable positioning sleeve. The carbide button will offer easier extraction through case..

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Dec 13, 2013 · 338 Win Mag Velocity Discussion in 'Reloading' started by KY Gun Geek, Feb 17, 2009. I hope to see some more replies in this thread as I have a just bought a used Winchester Model 70 stainless .338 win mag, with 26 barrel, and I'm trying to gather experiences and ideas from other.. If you have questions about the Hornady 338 Winchester Magnum , Precision Hunter, 230 Grains, ELD-X, Per 20 82222 or other Rifle Ammo we sell, contact us to speak with a product expert who can recommend the best Rifle Ammo for you Sako. Kalibras. 338 Win Mag. Atsiliepimai. Atsiliepimų dar nėra

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