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This is my new series where I attempt to do all profitable or interesting monsters for 1hour with detailed statistical analysis. Let me know in the comments what you want to see next! OSRS- Demonic Gorilla Guide 2017 30+ kills per trip I know I have gotten 300 per hour there pretty often when hunting pet. Unlike KBD, the mole is a lot easier with less risk and it also makes more money. lot easier? you have to chase the mole across the cave lmao, it's one of the most annoying bosses on osrs, kbd is better profit overall if you bank..

Hey I was just wondering how much experience per hour you get cutting yews at level 80 woodcutting. For reference at 99 wcing with the evil tree's banking ability I get about 40k exp per hour at yews 12 hours ago, nagel69 said: I feel like this spot is no where near 60k an hour due to it rapidly declining b4 he ends the video lol. rock crabs gives steady 65k/hr Which makes up for their rather weak XP per hour. Yew Logs: Yew Logs may only give you 86 k per hour, but that is not bad really. When it comes to a safe place to buy Cheap OSRS Gold online you cannot beat the good folks at 2007RunescapeGold.com Learn how to get over 50k Magic EXP per hour completly AFK on OSRS. Splashing with Fire Wave will get you approximately 50.7k XP per hour. Every splash will cost you 269 GP. As you can see, when you're using a higher level Magic spell you'll get more experience, but the costs of the runes will be.. So I needed to train my herblore and I was lookjng at gp per xp and i came across snapdragons because i was making super restores, i bought some started initially so i decidee to do this for a while and profired about 1.7m in total in just over a hour. Hopefully this helps you make some money if it..

OSRS 1 hour series - Demonic Gorillas (Kills/profit/xp per hour

RuneChat. Buy OSRS Gold. Search. to kill all 5 once you get around 1.1-1.3k xp depending on your set. meaning you get about 70-130 kills of each in a hour depending on stats and gear. 280-520/5000 chances at a curved bone per hour. if you max in nmz with this boss and get over the 39m.. This XP reward is vital for increasing your XP per hour. So, it is pretty important to get that 500 points. In terms of actual XP rate, doing the Boss, you can actually get more XP per hour if you have a higher Firemaking level. At level 50 Firemaking, you can probably expect about 150 000 Firemaking.. My clan is having an xp contest and I need to rack up some xp fast, what are the fastest skills/activities i can do? Stats here. So far I have been making yew longs, burning maples and cooking monks, don't have a lot of gp but i do have some, I am like 3 mil xp behind and need to catch up ty How much range xp would i be getting at ape toll if i was to chin with my pure hes 87 range 1 def and do people use eagle eye while chining or just pray I bring range potions, and just pray from melee. It's been awhile since i chinned 70-99 range but I think I was getting around 300k xp an hour at the..

Is there an in game command to reset the new xp per hour feature? Last bumped on Mar 25, 2016, 5:48:11 PM. Posted by pelife123 on Jul 17, 2015, 9:27:36 PM. I know it's a necro post but it's the first result in Google and was never answered. How to reset xp per hour, type: /reset_xp OSRS Help. Kills per min: Average Combat XP per hour: Average HP XP per hour: Where Found: Taverly Dungeon, Witchaven Dungeon (after Family Crest), Level 53 Wilderness (East of the Mage Arena), God Wars Dungeon, Gnome Stronghold Slayer Cave What activity provides the best Fletching XP per hour in Runescape? What special ways of building house in runescape? Click Here to read full weapon recommend and osrs bank rebuild guide

226k/hour points. 24714/hour hp xp. No prayer, 1 dose of super str/atk every 10 mins, which I intend to keep to in future. Lol, it's a bad day for science, a good day for slayer... Just got a 230 black demon task, and I like to do those in NMZ (Afk 255xp per kill doing what I wanna do anyway I am offering extra credit to students who practice 10 hours this summer. Approximately how many Xp points would that be? Is there any way to equate xp Let's say five minutes per 10 xp. But it can vary a lot. Sometimes I have 7 sentences per lesson, sometimes I make a lot of mistakes and get to 40, so.. Although the XP per hour is not very high, this is a great method for Alt accounts or for people that want some semi AFK Mining training. The Mining guild +7 boost doesn't allow you to mine Amethyst at level 85, however, the Dragon pickaxe special attack does work for mining them

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